Rocky Mountain Song School


I attended my 2nd year at Rocky Mountain Song School last week. This photo of me taken by my fellow song schooler and friend Carrie Faye Thompson shows the JOY of Song School. It is a magical experience and quite the overwhelm at the same time!! I am still processing and downloading all I learned. I took guitar classes with both Arthur Lee Land and Justin Roth. I took Voice classes from both Rebecca Folsom and Ron Browning (he is a voice coach for lots of famous folks). I took melody and rhythm classes from Bonnie Hayes. I got mentored by Steve Seskin and got really awesome advice on a new song!! I took a “point of view “ class from Pat Pattison and bought another book from him as well...he teaches at Berklee College of Music. I took a “songwriting from the heart” class from the lovely Mai Bloomfield (look her up as she is an angel) and went deep into my soul to start a new song from my most cracked and wounded self that I hope to finish and share soon. I connected with friends from last year and made new ones this year. I stayed up til 2 in the morning too many nights, shared songs at camp, and bonded once again with the St Vrain River. I once again found my tribe on The Planet. Planet Bluegrass in Lyons, CO. Then I stayed and volunteered for the Folks Festival and that was loads of fun as well! I am so grateful and FULL! Full of love, full of song and full of gratitude for following my heart’s desire! I feel like I have accomplished so much since my first year at Song School that I am excited to see what this next year holds! I believe that I am on a journey that is as new and adventurous as I’ve ever been on and I am trying hard to hang on and just enjoy the ride!! Thanks for coming along. Next in store for me is my first paid gig at the Pie Festival in Pie Town, NM on September 14th!! Oh, and I am also the emcee for the festival...another first!! Stay tuned for that, new music and whatever else is in the cards for this singer/songwriter for the sensitive soul!! 

Peace, Love and the Music Matters, Terri Sunflower