Hi ya'll, it's been a minute...

I haven't made a blog post in over a year nor a newsletter to the folks signed up for that but I am endeavoring to get back into both quite soon. I have been writing a lot but mostly songs. Lots and lots of songs. And ya know, the more you practice at things the more they tend to improve. I think that is slowly happening. 

You know what else is slowly happening?? Live music. I enjoyed my first bit of it last evening down in Socorro at the Capitol Bar. Johnny Dean (behind me in the photo) played an awesome set and the patio was packed! I will be on that little patio stage myself soon, dates being worked out. YAY!!! 

Come visit me over at the spiffied up website @ www.terrisunflower.com and if you like...sign up for my newsletter to get some behind the scene looks at what I've been writing, what I've been up to and what's next in the world of Terri Sunflower. I promise to get those out on a regular but not overwhelming basis. 

I am also floating the idea of a subscription service via my website. Like what happens at Patreon if you are familiar. It is a way for folks to pay a small amount ($1-5) monthly to help me with costs (travel, gear upgrades like my new mic/interface) and in return they will get to hear new songs before anyone else, really go deep on the lyrics and how they came about, maybe some private zoom concerts and exclusive content. Not sure I'm ready for that yet but I'm floating it just to get the idea out into the cosmos. What do you think?? Am I ready?

Anywho, this was meant to be short and sweet with more to come later. Hope you are having an awesome weekend and to all the MOMMA'S out there...Happy Mother's Day!! 

PS. My friend Wendy saw this shirt and said she needed me to have it. Thanks Wendy!! You were so right and I absolutely love it. I love all the words Amanda Gorman writes!!