1. Desert Sky

From the recording Sunflower's Debut

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Desert Sky

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My first view of this desert Sky
Like the ocean when I was a child
The open window, warm air on my face
Driving down the highway let’s find a new place

You brought me here in the early years
Not knowing that I would fall in love
The vistas reach forever here
In every direction not just above

The trees are green but not so tall
That you cannot see the coming storm
Thirty miles away, clouds like a wall
But no weatherman here to warn

We settled in New Mexico
The land that I call my home
A straw bale house in San Antonio
Deep in a culture not my own

The wafting aroma of green Chile roasting
Seeps into my window to tease
But it’s hot here in the valley and I’m a toasting
Can we move up to the mountains please

The years on this mountain never get old
And still I’m east of the great Divide
Another straw bale built and sold
But you’re no longer by my side

No, you’re not up here with me anymore
But I am and I know why
I love this mountain and her people too
And my beloved view...of this desert Sky