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Fangirl, an Ode to the Capital Bar

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Fangirl is dedicated to all my friends at the Capitol Bar in Socorro, NM.


Sunday Sessions at the Capitol Bar
Drive seventy miles doesn’t seem that far
three bands play no cover charge
By the end there’s a full tip jar

Johnny Dean’s the perfect emcee
Steve on sound can’t be beat
Ronna knows the talent scene
But Jim, our man, is music king

I’m a fangirl, I’m a fangirl, I’m a fangirl in my own damn world

Shelbi knows the beer I like
She’s been bravin the open mic
Sang Miss Ohio the other night
She rockin Nellie knockin it just right

Francie can belt out an old jazz tune
Martha’s squeezebox, I’m over the moon
The local trio playing is Roon
Sunday Sessions can’t come too soon


My world’s kind of far away
Where I thought I wanted to stay
Music’s bringing me into the fray
Maybe I’ll join em up there some day


In this old bar of speakeasy fame
When Doug Figgs sings Wicked Game
This fangirl can’t remember her name
and on the dance floor she’ll remain

Barry, Linda, Gene, Terry, JP
So many fun folks here I see
When Blue Monday plays here I’ll be
The Cap is my new favorite scene

Chorus X3